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Malacocarpus ottonis (Lehm.) Britton & Rose

Accepted Scientific Name: Parodia ottonis (Lehm.) N.P.Taylor
Bradleya 5: 93. 1987

Malacocarpus ottonis (Parodia ottonis) Photo by: Carolina González


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Parodia ottonis (Lehm.) N.P.Taylor
Bradleya 5: 93. 1987
Synonymy: 67 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Parodia ottonis subs. horstii (F.Ritter) Hofacker
Cactaceae Consensus Init. 6: 12. 1998
Synonymy: 14

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Parodia ottonis group

  • Notocactus arechavaletae (Speg. ex Arechav.) Herter: The differences with other Parodia ottonis are minimal and most botanist agree on the fact that both should all be included in the P. ottonis. Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul) and Uruguay (Artigas, Rivera).
  • Notocactus arechavaletae var. limiticola F.Ritter: has the tendency to produce basal suckers on the lateral roots. Distribution: Livramento, border with Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Notocactus arechavaletae var. rubescens F.Ritter: has redder stems in arid conditions and merging into typical green plants in cultivation. Distibution: North of Carazinha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Notocactus horstii f. muglianus K.Herm: has areoles more woolly and larger to 10 mm in diameter, flowers orange red to salmon red, and stamens coloured like the petals. Distribution: Candelaria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Notocactus muegelianus T.Engel: this is the transitional form between the yellowish-orange and purple forms of Parodia ottonis subs. horstii. Distribution: Candelaria, Rio Grande do Sul
  • Notocactus ottonis var. paraguayensis (Haage jr.) A.Berger ex Backeb.: has the ribs less rounded, almost acute and red spines. Distribution: Cordillera, and Misiones, Paraguay.
  • Notocactus ottonis var. tenebrosus n.n.: has dark green stems with 8-10 radial spines and 1 darker central spines, flowers are bright satiny yellow.
  • Notocactus ottonis var. vencluianus Schütz: has flowers and anthers red. Petals variously shades with peach, salmon, pink-red, vermilion and purple. Distribution: It is a cultivar originated from (habitat?) seed sown in a Czech nurser.
  • Parodia ottonis (Lehm.) N.P.Taylor: (subsp. ottonis) has globular flattened stems rarely exceeding 6 cm in diameter, only 10 ribs, and 3-4 central spines. Distribution: southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina.
  • Parodia ottonis subs. horstii (F.Ritter) Hofacker: has stems often to 15 cm in diameter, 12-16 ribs, and 1-4 central spines. Flowers yellowish-orange, pink ot violet-purple. Distribution: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Parodia ottonis var. tortuosa (Link & Otto) N.P.Taylor: has a very large body (13-18 cm), small flower (25 mm long and 25-50 mm in width) and its spines are almost equal. Distribution Brazil and Uruguay.

27784 alexander Alexander Arzberger
Malacocarpus ottonis (Parodia ottonis) Photo by: Alexander Arzberger
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