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Agave karwinskii Zucc.
Nova Acta Phys.-Med. Acad. Caes. Leop.-Carol. Nat. Cur. 16(2): 675. 1833 (karwinkiana) Notes: =rigida

Agave karwinkii
Agave karwinkii
Unusual agave with slender trunks up to 4 m tall that from a distance it is vaguely reminiscent for Yucca aloifolia.


Common Names include:
ESTONIAN (Eesti): Karwinski agaav
SWEDISH (Svenska): Häckagave

309 valentino Valentino Vallicelli
Agave karwinskii Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli
310 cactus-art Cactus Art
Agave karwinskii Photo by: Cactus Art

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