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Echinopsis backebergii subs. wrightiana (Backeb.) M.Lowry
Cactaceae Syst. Init. 20: 15. 2005 [Nov 2005]

Accepted Scientific Name: Echinopsis backebergii Werderm. in Backeb.
Neue Kakteen 83, 84, fig. 1931 et: Fedde, Rep. Spec. Nov. 30: 64. 1932 Backeb. & Werderm.

Echinopsis backebergii subs. wrightiana Photo by: Prof. Ilham Alakbarov


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Echinopsis backebergii Werderm. in Backeb.
Neue Kakteen 83, 84, fig. 1931 et: Fedde, Rep. Spec. Nov. 30: 64. 1932
Synonymy: 29 Cultivars (1):

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Easter Lily Cactus

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echinopsis backebergii group

  • Echinopsis backebergii Werderm. in Backeb.: has 1-11 spines, variable, unequal, about 4-50 mm long and very colourful flowers carmine-red or violet, often with white throats. Distribution: From South-east La Paz (Bolivia) to Huancavelica (Peru).
  • Echinopsis backebergii subs. wrightiana (Backeb.) M.Lowry: has long thin wispy spines and pale lilac flowers with often lighter throats. Distribution: Huancavelica, Central Peru.
  • Echinopsis boedekeriana Harden
  • Echinopsis winteriana (F.Ritter) D.R.Hunt: has large, funnel shaped, fuchsia pink to purple-violet flowers with white centre. Distribution: Huancavelica, Peru.
  • Echinopsis winteriana cv. Fluorescent (F.Ritter) D.R.Hunt: has colourful "shocking fuchsia pink" flowers with a bright white contrasting centre.
  • Echinopsis zecheri (Rausch) G.D.Rowley: has harder sharp spines and rather coarser flowers with rich liliac or purple petals and a white throat. Distribution: Ayacucho, Peru.
  • Lobivia wrightiana f. chilensis hort. ex E.Herzog

29690 cpif Peiffer Clement
Lobivia wrightiana KK 1545, Locality: Huancavelica, Peru, 2800m. Photo by: Peiffer Clement
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