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Weingartia albissima F.H.Brandt
Kakteen Orch. Rundschau 1980(1): 2 (1980).

= Sulcorebutia albissima (F.H.Brandt) Pilbeam
Sulcorebutia & Weingartia, Collector's Guide 37 (1985)

Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia mentosa (F.Ritter) Donald
Bradleya 5: 93. 1987

Weingartia albissima (Sulcorebutia albissima) Photo by: Agócs György
HS 13 (Collector Heinz Swoboda) Aiquile to Mizque km 20, Mizque, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2450m.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Rebutia mentosa (F.Ritter) Donald
Bradleya 5: 93. 1987
Synonymy: 32 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Rebutia mentosa subs. purpurea (Donald & A.B.Lau) Donald ex D.R.Hunt
Cactaceae Consensus Init. 3: 6. 1997
Synonymy: 4

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Rebutia mentosa group

  • Rebutia mentosa (F.Ritter) Donald: (subsp. mentosa) has dark-brown or black spines; central spines 2-4. 5-8 mm long; radial spines 14-18 about 5 mm long.
  • Rebutia mentosa subs. purpurea (Donald & A.B.Lau) Donald ex D.R.Hunt: has dark-green to purplish stems, with a few less radials (10-17 about 4-8 mm long), but a few more central spines (2-5, 8 -12 mm long). Spines whitish-yellow to reddish-brown. Distribution: Aiquile to Santiago, Cochabamba.
  • Sulcorebutia albissima (F.H.Brandt) Pilbeam: Spines off-white, greyish, to light brown, pectinately arranged, lying against the surface, flowers glossy purple. Distribution: Cochabamba.
  • Sulcorebutia albissima f. pectinifera hort.: has very tight white pectinate spines, and the spination of well-grown specimens is pleasing. Flowers bright purple. Distribution:Cochabamba (Aiquile to Mizque)
  • Sulcorebutia cupreata Kníže, n.n.: has protruding white to yellowish spines. Flowers Red-purple. Distribution: Aiquile, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • Sulcorebutia flavissima Rausch: has bright yellow spines and purple-pink flowers with paler throat. Distribution: Orkho Abuelo foot and in the adjacent areas, between Aiquile and Mizque.
  • Sulcorebutia formosa (F.H.Brandt) Pilbeam
  • Sulcorebutia mairanana hort.: This controversial plant probably correspond to Sulcorebutia albissima (a white spined form of Rebutia mentosa). Distribution: Mairana in Bolivia.
  • Sulcorebutia santiaginiensis Rausch: very similar (if not the same) as Rebutia mentosa subs. purpurea but with somewhat weaker spines. Distribution: Aiquile to Santiago, Cochabamba.
  • Sulcorebutia swobodae K.Augustin: has long soft, flexible spines, predominantly yellow but also brown to almost black. Distribution: Between Aiquile and Mizque, Cochabamba.
  • Sulcorebutia torotorensis (Cárdenas) F.H.Brandt: it is very similar and referable (if not the same) to Rebutia mentosa subsp. purpurea. Distribution: Torotoro, Potosi, Bolivia.
  • Sulcorebutia unguispina Rausch

17924 valentino Valentino Vallicelli
Weingartia albissima (Sulcorebutia albissima) Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli
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