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Faucaria paucidens N.E.Br.
Mesembryanthema [Brown, Tischer & Karsten] 210. 1931

Accepted Scientific Name: Faucaria bosscheana (A.Berger) Schwantes
Z. Sukkulentenk. 2: 177 1926.

Faucaria paucidens Photo by: Giuseppe Distefano


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Faucaria bosscheana (A.Berger) Schwantes
Z. Sukkulentenk. 2: 177 1926.
Synonymy: 8

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Faucaria bosscheana group

  • Faucaria albidens N.E.Br.: has white teeth and leaf margins which appear as if coated with white enamel and this accounts for the name albidens, which means white toothed. Distribution: Cape province.
  • Faucaria bosscheana (A.Berger) Schwantes: has small, narrow, unmarked leaves with only 1 to 3 pairs of teeth. This species is quite variable. Distribution: Cape province.
  • Faucaria paucidens N.E.Br.: has glossy green, canoe-shaped leaves 3-5 cm long, 8-9 mm wide, below roundly keeled Mmargins horny-white with 1-3 denticles. Distribution: Cape province.

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