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Boucerosia cylindrica Brongn.
Bull. Soc. Bot. France 7: 900 1860

= Echidnopsis cylindrica (Decne.) K.Schum.
Nat. Pflanzenfam. [Engler & Prantl] 4(2): 274 1895 Engl. & Prantl

Accepted Scientific Name: Echidnopsis cereiformis Hook.f.
Bot. Mag. 97: t. 5930. 1871


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Echidnopsis cereiformis Hook.f.
Bot. Mag. 97: t. 5930. 1871
Synonymy: 12

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echidnopsis cereiformis group

  • Echidnopsis cereiformis Hook.f.: Stems snake-like 7-30 cm long with 6-10 ribs with broadly hexagonal tubercles. Flowers campanulate 3-8 mm across, sessile, dull yellow. Distribution: Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea
  • Echidnopsis cereiformis var. brunnea A.Berger: stems more slender, less hight, edges sharper, flowers yellowish-brown to brown. Nile Land Eritrea or Abyssinia. Described from a cultivated specimen.
  • Echidnopsis cereiformis var. obscura A.Berger: has dark brown flowers. Distribution: Eritrea Nile Land Schweinfurth (ex Berger).
  • Echidnopsis cylindrica (Decne.) K.Schum.: Similar to E. cereiformis but with longer branches and larger flowers.
  • Echidnopsis nubica N.E.Br.: Stems and inflorescence as in E. cereiformis but with small brownish flowers. Distribution: South-Eeast Sudan and Ethiopia.

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