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Coleospadix litigiosa (Becc.) Becc.
Ann. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg 2: 90 (1885)

Accepted Scientific Name: Drymophloeus litigiosus (Becc.) H.E.Moore
Principes 13: 76 (1969)


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Drymophloeus litigiosus (Becc.) H.E.Moore
Principes 13: 76 (1969)
Synonymy: 21

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Drymophloeus palm

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Drymophloeus litigiosus group

  • Drymophloeus beguinii (Burret) H.E.Moore: is very similar to D. litigiosus (if not the same) and it is hard to tell apart one from the others, the “beguinii” variety is invalid and nowadays considered as a synonym.
  • Drymophloeus litigiosus (Becc.) H.E.Moore: up to 5 m tall, variable in terms of leaf size, width and texture. Leaves pinnate, leaflets broad, dark green, with premorse tips. Distribution: Maluku, New Guinea.

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