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Lobivia acanthoplegma var. oligotricha (Cárdenas) Gertel & Wahl
Kakteen Sukk. 55(1): 13 (-14). 2004 [Jan 2004] nom. inval. Contrary to Art. 33.4 ICBN (2006); see Art. 33.4 Note 1.

= Echinopsis oligotricha (Cárdenas) M.Lowry
Cactaceae Syst. Init. 19: 12. 2005 [Mar 2005]

Accepted Scientific Name: Echinopsis cinnabarina (Hook.) Labour.
Monogr. Cact. 288. 1853 Labour.

Lobivia acanthoplegma var. oligotricha (Echinopsis oligotricha) Photo by: Julio C. García


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Echinopsis cinnabarina (Hook.) Labour.
Monogr. Cact. 288. 1853
Synonymy: 61

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echinopsis cinnabarina group

  • Echinopsis cinnabarina (Hook.) Labour.: has a flattened usually solitary body with spirally arranged ribs, with raised to acute tubercles. Spines arranged like little spiders. Flowers apical, scarlet to deep red. Distribution: Southern Bolivia and Northern Argentina.
  • Echinopsis cinnabarina var. acanthoplegma (Backeb.) G.D.Rowley: has colourful flower flowers ranging from orange to dark violet-red with contrasting white throat. Distribution: Cochabamba to La Paz , Bolivia.
  • Echinopsis cinnabarina f. variegata hort.: Variegated form.
  • Echinopsis oligotricha (Cárdenas) M.Lowry: is similar in habit to var. acanthoplegma but the flowers tube are typically nearly naked (or with few hairs). Distribution: Arani, Chochabamba, Bolivia.
  • Lobivia acanthoplegma var. patula Rausch: has more porrect-spreading spines than the var. acanthoplegma. Distribution: Cliza and adjacent areas, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • Lobivia acanthoplegma f. pilosa Rausch: has dense hairy dark carmine flowers up to 50 mm large. Stem single globose with dense yellowish spines, crown slightly depressed. Distribution: Cerro Kara-Kara, Cochabamba.
  • Lobivia acanthoplegma var. roseiflora Rausch: is somewhat more delicate than the type with shorter spines and smaller pink flowers with contrasting white centre. Distribution: Cochabamba to Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Lobivia cinnabarina var. draxleriana (Rausch) Rausch: has a very flat body, and paler creamy-yellow spines. Distribution: Cochabamba and Chuquisaca.
  • Lobivia cinnabarina var. walterspielii (Boed.) Rausch: has a very flat body, longer and more porrect yellowish spines and clear red cup-shaped flower. Distribution: Potosi, between Otuyo and Betanzos.

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