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Matucana weberbaueri (Vaupel) Backeb.
Beitr. Sukkulentenk. Sukkulentenpflege 1939: 42.

Matucana weberbaueri Photo by: Alexander Arzberger


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Matucana weberbaueri (Vaupel) Backeb.
Beitr. Sukkulentenk. Sukkulentenpflege 1939: 42.
Synonymy: 6

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Matucana aurantiaca group

Matucana aurantiaca is variable and many populations have been given separate species names which in the complex forms a group comprising Matucana aurantiaca, Matucana ritteri, Matucana formosa, Matucana inertexta, Matucana huagalensis and Matucana weberbaueri.

  • Matucana aurantiaca (Vaupel) F.Ritter: (subsp. aurantiaca) has about 16 somewhat spiralled and tuberculate ribs. Spines 20-25. Flowers orange-red. Distribution: Northern Peru.
  • Matucana aurantiaca subs. currundayensis (F.Ritter) Mottram: Distribution: Cerro Currunday (Otuzco, Samne and adjacent areas), La Libertad department, Peru.
  • Matucana aurantiaca subs. fruticosa (F.Ritter) Mottram
  • Matucana aurantiaca subs. hastifera (F.Ritter) Mottram
  • Matucana aurantiaca subs. polzii (Diers, Donald & Zecher) Mottram
  • Matucana calvescens (Kimnach & Hutchison) Buxb.
  • Matucana formosa F.Ritter: has 20-30 weackly tuberculate ribs, Spines dark brown tipped black. Flowers crimson. Distribution: valley of the Maranon, Cajamarca and Amazonas, Peru.
  • Matucana huagalensis (Donald & A.B.Lau) Bregman, Meerst., Melis & A.B.Pullen: very similar to Matucana intertexta but darker coloured. Flowers white or pale pink. Distribution: Maranon
    and Rio Crisnejas, Cajamarca, Peru.
  • Matucana intertexta F.Ritter: has 15-25 crenate ribs, Spines dark brown tipped black. Flowers golden yellow with blood red apices. Distribution: Cajamarca, Peru.
  • Matucana pallarensis F.Ritter: Distribution: El Chagual, La Libertad department, Peru.
  • Matucana ritteri Buining: has fewer spines (8-15) and 12-22 ribs. Flowers, oblique, relatively narrow-tubed, vermilion-carmine with violet petals edge. Distribution: Otuzco, Department of La Libertad, Peru
  • Matucana weberbaueri (Vaupel) Backeb.: has more numerous (25-40) golden yellow or brownish spines and yellow or arange flowers. Distribution: Balsas to Chachapoyas, west side of the Rio Maranon in the department of Amazonas in Peru.
  • Matucana weberbaueri var. flammea (Donald) Slaba: has orange-red flowers instead of yellow. Distribution: Balsas above the Canyon Maronan in the province of Chachapoyas, department of Amazonas in Peru.

18591 valentino Valentino Vallicelli
Matucana weberbaueri Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli
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