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Mammillaria pectinifera f. albiflora hort.


Accepted Scientific Name: Mammillaria pectinifera F.A.C.Weber in Bois
Dict. Hort. [Bois] 2: 804. 1898 Bois cf. Britton & Rose. Cactaceae. 4: 64 (1923)

Mammillaria pectinifera f. albiflora Photo by: Alexander Arzberger


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Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Mammillaria pectinifera group

  • Mammillaria pectiniferaMammillaria pectinifera F.A.C.Weber in Bois: It is a small cactus that in habitat appears above the ground as a squat stem. Spines: 20-40, pectinate, flattened against the body, fine, numerous, white, 1.5 - 2 mm long. Lacking central spines. Distribution: Puebla.
  • Mammillaria pectinifera f. albiflora hort.: has white flowers. Garden origin.
  • Mammillaria pectinifera f. cristata hort.: crested form. This plant has different crested forms, some very thin and other wide and strong.
  • Mammillaria pectinifera f. monstruosa hort.: has apparentely spineless, creamy-white, extremely elongated areoles, but if you look carefully, they are formed by extremely, short bristle-like spines that give the areoles their characteristic felty appearance.
  • Mammillaria solisioides Backeb.: has only 25, flexible, chalky or dirty white, less pectinately arranged than the type and flattened against the stem surface, to 5 mm long. Central spines: Not present. Distribution: Oaxaca and Puebla.

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