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Lophophora echinata var. lutea (Rouhier) Croizat
Desert Pl. Life 16: 44. 1944

= Lophophora lutea (Rouhier) Backeb.
Cactaceae (Backeberg) 5: 2901. 1961 Backeb.

Accepted Scientific Name: Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) Bravo
Cact. Suc. Mex. 12: 13. 1967

Lophophora echinata var. lutea (Lophophora lutea) Photo by: Prof. Ilham Alakbarov


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) Bravo
Cact. Suc. Mex. 12: 13. 1967
Synonymy: 18

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: False Peyote, Peyote
SPANISH (Español): Peyote de Querétaro, Peyote queretano

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Lophophora diffusa group

  • Lophophora diffusa (Croizat) Bravo: Globular spineless cactus with large tap root. Solitary or forming variable stemmed clumps. Stem yellow-green or grey-green, usually lacking well-defined ribs and furrows.
  • Lophophora diffusa var. koehresii Říha: This is probably the smallest Lophophora. It has big pale pink flowers with darker midstrip. Stem characteristically dark green coloured and the ribs are more strongly in relief.
  • Lophophora diffusa subs. kubesae Halda, Kupčák & Malina: The particularity of this subspecies will be revealed only in older specimens that are larger in size and tend to form large multi-headed heaps, up to 1,5 mt in diameter.
  • Lophophora diffusa var. swobodaiana Halda, Kupčák & Malina: Body silver green, ribs strongly in relief with hemispherical tubercles. Blooms cream to light yellow.
  • Lophophora diffusa subs. viridescens Halda: Same as Lophophora diffusa var. koeheresii ?
  • Lophophora lutea (Rouhier) Backeb.: same as Lophophora diffusa. Distribution: Querétaro, México.

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