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Maximowiczia lindheimeri (A.Gray) Cogn.
Monogr. Phan. [ A.DC. & C.DC.] 3: 727–728 1881.

Accepted Scientific Name: Ibervillea lindheimeri (A.Gray) Greene
Erythea 3: 75 1895.

Maximowiczia lindheimeri (Ibervillea lindheimeri) Photo by: Xero Sicyos


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Ibervillea lindheimeri (A.Gray) Greene
Erythea 3: 75 1895.
Synonymy: 9 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Ibervillea lindheimeri var. tenuisecta (A.Gray) M.C.Johnst
Wrightia 2(6): 251 1963
Synonymy: 4

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Balsam gourd, Globeberry, Globe Berry, Globe berries, Lindheimer's globeberry, Wild balsam, Wild balsam-apple, Deer apple
SPANISH (Español): Yerba de vibrona

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Ibervillea lindheimeri group

  • Ibervillea lindheimeri (A.Gray) Greene: has leaves broadly cuneate, or rhombic-ovate, mostly 3- to 5-lobed, often wider than long, angled, cylindric. Calyx tube 6-10 mm long, and fruits 25-35 mm wide. Distribution Texas, New Mexico,Oklahoma amd Mexico.
  • Ibervillea lindheimeri var. tenuisecta (A.Gray) M.C.Johnst: has lobes of the leaf-blades usually irregolarly and narrowly lobed, shorter campanulate calyx tube, only 3-7 mm long, and smaller fruits 18-24 mm wide. Distribution: South USA and Northern Mexico.

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