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Huernia brevirostris var. intermedia N.E.Br.


= Huernia brevirostris subs. intermedia (N.E.Br.) L.C.Leach
Excelsa Taxon. Ser. 4: 164 1988

Accepted Scientific Name: Huernia thuretii Cels ex Hérincq
Hort. Franc. 73 1866


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Huernia thuretii Cels ex Hérincq
Hort. Franc. 73 1866
Synonymy: 25

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Huernia thuretii group

  • Huernia bayeri L.C.Leach: has creamy white to yellow (or rarely pink) petals unspotted or sometimes finely spotted with red. Distribution: Eastern Cape.
  • Huernia brevirostris N.E.Br.: has a greenish-yellow, creamy-yellow or pinkish corolla with red spots and lined tube. Distribution: Graaff-Reinet to Willowmore and associated with the Sundays and Groot River valleys
  • Huernia brevirostris subs. baviaana L.C.Leach: has a darker brown densely spotted, papillose, corolla face. Inner corona lobes curving, divergent. Outer corona lobes whitish. Distribution: Baviaanskloof, from Willowmore in a south-eastern direction.
  • Huernia brevirostris subs. intermedia (N.E.Br.) L.C.Leach: (intermediate between H. thuretii and H. thuretii var. primulina) has yellowish corolla face with few marking and is variable in nearly all characters. Distribution: Cradock-Pearston area and Sundays River.
  • Huernia brevirostris var. parvipuncta A.C.White & B.Sloane: has a cream-coloured to yellowish corolla, rarely with a low annulus, with well marked and evenly spaced marron-red dots. Distribution: Eastern Cape.
  • Huernia striata Oberm.: has cup-shaped flowers, with petals white to off-white with red or red-brown broken stripes and a maroon throat. Distribution: Tiras Mountains of Namibia.
  • Huernia thuretii Cels ex Hérincq: has creamy-yellow flowers spotted or banded with red. The degree of annulation of the disc and colouration of the face is variable. Distribution: RSA (Eastern Cape) and Namibia.
  • Huernia thuretii var. primulina (N.E.Br.) L.C.Leach: has longer more creeping stems. Corolla uniformly pale yellow a little larger with a low annulus and papillae rather dense prominent. Distribution: Eastern Cape.

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