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Pachypodium menabeum Leandri
Bull. Soc. Bot. France 81: 141. 1934

Pachypodium menabeum Photo by: © Plantemania
Growing habit with seed pods at Tsings du Bemaraha, Madagascar (Photographer Alaín Christophe).


Common Names include:
ENGLISH: bottle tree, Spiny bottle tree

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Pachypodium lamerei group

  • Pachypodium lamerei Drake: Semidecidous or deciduous semitropical succulent tree, up to 2,5(-5) m tall. Trunk solitary or scarcely branched. Leaves finely tomentose below. Corolla lobes truncate 2,5-4 cm long. Distibution: Madagascar.
  • Pachypodium lamerei f. compacta hort.: This is a rare compact growing mutation that occurs only over thousand seedlings. Cultivated form.
  • Pachypodium lamerei f. cristatum hort.: Form convoluted fan-shaped or snaky ridged cluster. The comb-shaped foliage is arranged only at the top of the trunk .
  • Pachypodium lamerei var. fiherense n.n.: remains small and flowers at a young age. Distribution: Atsimo, eastern Toliara.
  • Pachypodium lamerei ''inermis'' (Spineless Madagascar Palm)Pachypodium lamerei f. inermis hort.: This is a pretty attractive unusual form with a thick thorn-less grey trunk.
  • Pachypodium lamerei f. monstruosum hort.
  • Pachypodium lamerei var. ramosum (Costantin & Bois) Pichon: has a dwarf growth habit, rounded corolla lobes 4-5 cm long. Leaves glabrous (not tomentose below). Distribution: South Madagascar.
  • Pachypodium menabeum Leandri: has smaller bottle shaped succulent trunk with candelabra-like branches 2-5 m high. Style hairless. Leaves are glabrous on both sides. Distribution: tsingy of Bemaraha. Central Madagascar.

28366 plantemania © Plantemania
Menabeum occur in the Tsingy of Bemaraha. It is very rare. Photo by: © Plantemania
28408 plantemania © Plantemania
Pachypodium menabeum Photo by: © Plantemania

28409 plantemania © Plantemania
9 years old. The difficulty is to collect seeds because they are ripe during the rainy saison where the tsingy are closed! Photo by: © Plantemania
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