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Mesembryanthemum candidissimum (Haw.) N.E.Br.
J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 45: 79 (1920

= Cheiridopsis candidissima (Haw.) N.E.Br.
Gard. Chron. III, 79: 407 1926

Accepted Scientific Name: Cheiridopsis denticulata (Haw.) N.E.Br.
Gard. Chron. III, 79: 407 1926

Mesembryanthemum candidissimum (Cheiridopsis candidissima) Photo by: Giuseppe Distefano


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Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Carpet Weed, Lobster Claws
CHINESE (中文): 慈晃锦
KHOEKHOE or NAMA (Khoekhoegowab): t'noutsiama

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Cheiridopsis denticulata group

  • Cheiridopsis candidissima (Haw.) N.E.Br.: has really smooth whitish-grey to turquoise foliage.
  • Cheiridopsis denticulata (Haw.) N.E.Br.: has grey-white leaves which may be simple or somewhat toothed on the keel from which its name derives. Distribution: Northern Cape to southern Namibia.

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