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Lithops julii subs. fulleri Album

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Lithops julii subs. fulleri (N.E.Br.) B.Fearn
Natl. Cact. Succ. J. 31 (3) 59 [Set. 1976]

(8 Photos)
  • by valentino
  • Locality: NE Aggeneys
    by valentino
  • Localirty: Rietfontein (contrasting wavy red lines - Mesa Garden Catalogue MG1621.017)
    by valentino
  • Locality: Geselskopbank (stone grey,red dashed side - Mesa Garden Catalogue MG 1621.019)
    by cactus-art
  • SH534 50 km SW Kakamas (Red Rimmed)
    by valentino
  • SH534 50 k sw Kakamas (red rimmed)
    by valentino
  • by cactus-art
  • Locality: Opdam (pale milky orange - Mesa garden 1621.018)
    by valentino