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Monilaria obconica Ihlenf. & S.Jörg.
Mitt. Arbeitskreises Mammillaria

Monilaria obconica Photo by: Cactus Art
The small glittering pearls on the leaves are special water storage cells rich in sugars characteristic of succulents, in Monilaria these cells may be ½ a mm in diameter and can retain their moisture for weeks when separated and exposed to dry air. It is a very interesting and easily flowered plant with brilliant green spaghetti leaves.


3010 cactus-art Cactus Art
New signs of turgidity and green colour at their extremities in autumn after the summer resting period. Photo by: Cactus Art
30435 frikkie Frikkie Hall
Monilaria obconica Photo by: Frikkie Hall

30436 frikkie Frikkie Hall
Monilaria obconica Photo by: Frikkie Hall
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