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Cycas tansachana Album

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Cycas tansachana K.D.Hill & S.L.Yang
Brittonia 51: 65 (1999)

(7 Photos)
  • Cycas tansachana in Josef Cycad Perner Ex-situ Conservation collection. Photo by Cycad International.
    by josef
  • Yellow-tomentose to brown-tomentose megasporophylls. up to 20-22 cm long
    by josef
  • Female Cone.
    by josef
  • Female Cone covered in Pollen.
    by josef
  • Cycad Cones in Joe's Cycad Gardens. Male cone.
    by josef
  • by josef
  • This was grown from seeds that I collected from Habitat on Cycad Research Expedition with Ken Hill.
    by josef