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Phyllocactus crenatus (Lindl.) Lem.
Hort. Universel 6: 87. 1845

Accepted Scientific Name: Epiphyllum crenatum (Lindl.) Don
Encycl. Pl. (new ed.). 1378. 1855 [Jul 1855] Loudon, J.W.Loudon & Don ; cf. D.J. Mabberley in Taxon, 30(1): 16. 1981

Phyllocactus crenatus (Epiphyllum crenatum) Photo by: Terry Heath


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Epiphyllum crenatum (Lindl.) Don
Encycl. Pl. (new ed.). 1378. 1855 [Jul 1855]
Synonymy: 21

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Orchid cactus, Climbing Orchid Cactus, Queen of the night, Large White Cactus, Crenate Orchid Cactus, Leaf cactus
CHINESE (中文): 曇花屬
FRENCH (Français): Cactus orchidée, Cactus à feuilles
HUNGARIAN (Magyar): Levélkaktusz
JAPANESE (日本語): クジャクサボテン属
LITHUANIAN (Lietuvių): Rinčiuotasis lapenis
PERSIAN (فارسی): کاکتوس ارکیده دندانه‌دار
POLISH ( Polski): Epifyllum
RUSSIAN (Русский): Эпифиллум
SWEDISH (Svenska): Naggad bladkaktus, Bladkaktussläktet
VIETNAMESE (Tiếng Việt): Chi Quỳnh

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Epiphyllum crenatum group

  • Epiphyllum crenatum (Lindl.) Don: (var. crenatum) has stems 6-10 cm wide with oblique lobes. Variety crenatum is distributed throughout the range of the species.
  • Epiphyllum crenatum var. kimnachii Bravo ex Kimnach: has stems only 4-6 cm wide and semicircular lobes. Distribution: Oaxaca, Mexico.

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