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Echinopsis pygmaea Album

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Echinopsis pygmaea R.E.Fr.
Nova Acta Regiae Soc. Sci. Upsal. ser. 4, 1, no. 1: 120, tab. 8, fig. 1-3. 1905

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  • The salmon flowered form is also known as  Rebutia (Aylostera) haagei.
    by cactus-art
  • A salmon/orange flowered form also known in cultivation as  Rebutia (Aylostera) haagei. subsp. mudanensis.
    by cactus-art
  • Rebutia pygmaea BB 512.07 (Collector: Brian Francis Bates) Locality: Berque, Potosí, Bolivia. 3650 m (also known as RH2060b)
    by agocs
  • Rebutia pygmaea WR 828 (Collector Walter Rausch) Yuquina (small form).
    by cpif
  • Mediolobivia pygmaea RH 590 (Collector Ralf Hillmann) Iturbe, Jujuy, Argentina, 3450m
    by cpif
  • Rebutia pygmaea MN 229a (= PM 367) Iruya-Condor, 3650m, Argentina (Dark body, fewer brown spines, reddish flowers).
    by cpif
  • by cpif