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Ancistrocactus brevihamatus var. pallidus A.D.Zimmerman ex A.M.Powell
Cacti Trans-Pecos 339 (-343; plates 217-219, map 46). 2004

Accepted Scientific Name: Sclerocactus brevihamatus (Engelm.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 9: 91 (1991)

Ancistrocactus brevihamatus var. pallidus (Sclerocactus brevihamatus) Photo by: Peiffer Clement


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Sclerocactus brevihamatus (Engelm.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 9: 91 (1991)
Synonymy: 7 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Sclerocactus brevihamatus subs. tobuschi (W.T.Marshall) N.P.Taylor
Piante Grasse 15(1): 8. 1995
Synonymy: 5

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Short-hook fishhook cactus, Spine cactus

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Sclerocactus brevihamatus group

  • Sclerocactus brevihamatus (Engelm.) D.R.Hunt: (subsp. brevihamatus) has 12-22 radial spines, larger and more cylindrical stems and the flowers are dusky rose to yellowish-pink or olivaceous in late February-March. Distribution: Edwards Plateau of Texas southern and western border.
  • Sclerocactus brevihamatus subs. tobuschi (W.T.Marshall) N.P.Taylor: has nearly flat body, 7-9 irregularly spreading radial spines and hooked central spines, flowers are light yellow to cream flowers in late March-April. Distribution: Edwards Plateau.

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