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Copiapoa tenebrosa f. cristata


Accepted Scientific Name: Copiapoa haseltoniana
Descr. Cact. Nov. 33 (1957).

Copiapoa tenebrosa f. cristata Photo by: Raimondo Paladini


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Copiapoa haseltoniana Backeb.
Descr. Cact. Nov. 33 (1957).
Synonymy: 17

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Copiapoa haseltoniana group

  • Copiapoa eremophila F.Ritter: is a densely spined form with very distinctive yellow-brown spines, later almost black found only on the high altitude range of the species. Distribution: Paposo.
  • Copiapoa gigantea Backeb.: has the largest and stouter individual stems among the member of the Copiapoa haseltoniana group. Distribution: of Taltal to north of Paposo.
  • Copiapoa gigantea f. albispina hort.: it is a white spined clone is quite unusual and rarely seen in cultivation.
  • Copiapoa haseltoniana Backeb.: has light green or reddish tinged stems with an amber yellow woolly crown, and forms massive clumps, up to 1,5 m tall. Distribution: Paposo (from Taltal to Caleta Colorado)
  • Copiapoa tenebrosa F.Ritter: It shows the characters of haseltoniana, but it is probably an hybrid with thinner and lesser evident spines and green to grey epidermis. The form of Q. San Ramon is particularly beautiful with orange wool with yellowish-white spines.
  • Copiapoa tenebrosa f. cristata: Crested form.

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