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Echinopsis brevispina (F.Ritter) H.Friedrich & G.D.Rowley
I.O.S. Bull. 3(3): 94. 1974

Accepted Scientific Name: Echinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 5: 92 (1987)

Acanthocalicium (Lobivia) thionanthum var. brevispinum.
Acanthocalicium (Lobivia) thionanthum var. brevispinum.
The variety name ''brevispinum'' means ''short spines'' and it was originally applied to the short spined form of this very variable taxon.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Echinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt
Bradleya 5: 92 (1987)
Synonymy: 19

Common Names include:
RUSSIAN (Русский): Акантокалициум короткоколючковый

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echinopsis thionantha complex

This Taxon has lots of synonyms (like many other cacti), with several controversial varieties and subspecies, and comprises a multitude of different forms, but where each form is linked to others by populations of plants with intermediate characteristics):

  • Acanthocalycium griseum Backeb.: The characteristic epidermis of this form is green to dark blue grey and become clear powdery-grey in the older part of the stem (like some Copiapoa)
  • Echinopsis (Acanthocalicium) thionantha var. copiapoides.Acanthocalycium thionanthum var. copiapoides Piltz: The variety "copiapoides" has comparatively clearer grey-blue epidermis and looks like some plant of the genus Copipaoa.
  • Acanthocalicium (Lobivia) thionanthum var. brevispinum.Echinopsis brevispina (F.Ritter) H.Friedrich & G.D.Rowley: The variety "brevispinum" has comparatively short but strong sharp spines.
  • Acanthocalicium chionanthum P67  Portrero 2500m, Salta, Argentina.Echinopsis chionantha (Speg.) Werderm.: This is the white flowering form of Echinopsis thionantha.
  • Acanthocalicium (Echinopsis) thionanthum P144 Punta de Ballasto 2100mEchinopsis thionantha (Speg.) D.R.Hunt: The specific name "thionanthum" was originally applied to the yellow flowering form, but now comprises plant of variable colour of flowers and spines sizes.

68 cactus-art Cactus Art
Echinopsis brevispina Photo by: Cactus Art
30317 cpif Peiffer Clement
Acanthocalycium thionanthum v. brevispinum P 42 Collector Jörg and Brigitte Piltz, Sierra de Quilmes, Salta, Argentina, 1700m. Photo by: Peiffer Clement

70 cactus-art Cactus Art
Echinopsis brevispina Photo by: Cactus Art
69 cactus-art Cactus Art
Echinopsis brevispina Photo by: Cactus Art

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