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Tunilla tilcarensis cv. Fuchs


Tunilla tilcarensis cv. Fuchs Photo by: Agócs György


Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Tunilla soehrensii group

  • Tunilla soehrensii (Britton & Rose) D.R.Hunt & Iliff: has flattened, semicircular stems 4-6 cm long, covered with long yellowish to brown needle-like spines, Flowers yellow to red. Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
  • Tunilla tilcarensis (Backeb.) D.R.Hunt & Iliff: Fruits split either horizontally, or vertically on the umbilicus. Distribution: Argentina, where it occurs in Jujuy, more specifically in Tilcara
  • Tunilla tilcarensis cv. Fuchs: is a very compact cushion cactus with fox-brown spines 6 to 13 cm in length. Beautiful in contrast to the bright yellow flowers.

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