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Rodentiophila atacamensis F.Ritter & Y.Itô
Cactaceae [Itô] 429, (not validly published, without type) 1981 Locality not stated.

= Eriosyce atacamensis (F.Ritter & Y.Itô)
Cact. Aliq. Nov. 759, 2001(in. adnot.) Lem.

Accepted Scientific Name: Eriosyce rodentiophila F.Ritter
Kakteen Südamerika 3: 916 (1980).


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Eriosyce rodentiophila F.Ritter
Kakteen Südamerika 3: 916 (1980).
Synonymy: 9

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Eriosyce rhodentiophila group

  • Eriosyce atacamensis (F.Ritter & Y.Itô)
  • Eriosyce megacarpa F.Ritter: Differs for larger larger fruit. Distribution: south of Chañaral.
  • Eriosyce rodentiophila F.Ritter: is a solitary (never clustered) barrel shaped cactus, with stem apex covered by white wool. Spines thick, curved upwards, dull ivory to horn coloured, becoming grey. Distribution: north of Taltal south to below Chanaral.
  • Eriosyce rodentiophila subs. fleischeriana (Kníže): is very similar to the standard species and not easily separable by any important character from the other rodentiophila. Distribution: Cifuncho.
  • Eriosyce rodentiophila var. lanata F.Ritter: Areoles more woolly. Fruit slightly smaller, yellow or orange, not red. Seed slightly smaller. Distribution: between Cifuncho Esmeralda and along the coast.

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