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Parodia werdermanniana f. cristata hort.


Accepted Scientific Name: Parodia werdermanniana (Herter) N.P.Taylor
Bradleya 5: 93. 1987


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Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Parodia werdermanniana group

  • Parodia ferruginea (H.Schloss.): has distinguishing rusty red spines. With the exception of the spines, all the other characteristics are identical with standard Parodia werdermanniana. Distribution: Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  • Parodia werdermanniana (Herter) N.P.Taylor: Has up to 40 ribswith chinlike humps below the areoles, 4 central spines (usually yellowish, but also reddish or brownish) and 5-merous (10-20) yellowish white radials. Distribution: Tacuarembó, Uruguay.
  • Parodia werdermanniana f. cristata hort.: crested form.
  • Parodia werdermanniana f. monstruosa hort.: This plant is a rare oddity with areoles merging to form concentric lines. The epidermis is harder and cracks easily permitting the plant to develop original and strange shapes.

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