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Mediolobivia pectinata var. steinmannii (Solms) Y.Itô
Cactaceae [Itô] 348, without basionym ref. 1981

Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia steinmannii (Solms) Britton & Rose
Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) Britton & Rose


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Rebutia steinmannii (Solms) Britton & Rose
Cactaceae (Britton & Rose)
Synonymy: 68 Accepted name in llifle Database:
Rebutia steinmannii var. camargoensis (Rausch) Pilbeam
in Cact. File, 10(2): 18 (1996), without basionym ref.;
Synonymy: 4

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Rebutia steinmannii group

  • Rebutia christinae Rausch: has flowers in shades of intensive orange. Distribution: Tarija, Bolivia.
  • Rebutia huarinensis Kníže: has funnel-shaped, carmine red flowers. Outer tepals oblong, apiculate; inner tepals rounded. Distribution: Huari, Bolivia.
  • Rebutia poecilantha F.Ritter: has flowers up to 40 mm long and wide crimson to purple, edged orange red. Distribution: North of Camargo, Chuquisaca, Bolivia.
  • Rebutia steinmannii (Solms) Britton & Rose
  • Rebutia steinmannii var. costata (Werderm.) Pilbeam: has 8 or 9 straight ribs (a low count for this species). Flowers orange-red, edged carmine. Distribution: Bolivia (La Paz, Potosi and Tarija) and Argentina (Jujuy).

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