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Aylostera minor (Rausch) Mosti & Papini
Pakistan J. Bot. 43(6): 2782. 2011 [Dec 2011]

= Rebutia minor (Rausch) Mosti
Cactus & Co. 4(1): 42 (2000)

Accepted Scientific Name: Rebutia pygmaea (R.E.Fr.) Britton & Rose
Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 3: 47, fig. 60. 1922 Britton & Rose

Aylostera minor (Rebutia minor) Photo by: Peiffer Clement
WR 630 (Collector Walter Rausch) Sud Cinti, Chuquisaca, Bolivia, 3600m.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Rebutia pygmaea (R.E.Fr.) Britton & Rose
Cactaceae (Britton & Rose) 3: 47, fig. 60. 1922
Synonymy: 200

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Rebutia pygmaea group

  • Rebutia atrovirens (Backeb.) Pilbeam: It has a shining, dark green, tuberculate body with a dull violet shimmer and very dark red flowers.
  • Rebutia brunneoradicata F.Ritter: It has a distinctive brow tap root, hence the species epithet “brunneoradicata” (brown rooted).
  • Rebutia canacruzensis Rausch: has pale shell-pink flower with deeper pink throat. Distribution: Bolivia, Chuquisaca, Norrth of Cinti, near Cana Cruz.
  • Rebutia diersiana Rausch: has a distinctive yellow or orangish-yellow flowers.
  • Rebutia eos Rausch: has greyish-green body, brownish spines, darker central spine and flowers varying in colour from pure white to pink. Distribution: Tafna, Jujuy, in the Argentina/Bolivia border.
  • Rebutia gavazzii Mosti: Tiny plant with fat, dark green stem, somewhat offsetting and shiny reddish flowers.
  • Rebutia gracilispina F.Ritter: globose, later columnar, with green body colour, radial spines are very thin, numbering 7 to 10, pectinate, about 2mm long, white, red-brown at the base; Flowers: Intense vermilion to scarlet, stigma yellowish-white.
  • Rebutia haagei Frič & Schelle: Stem olive-green to dark purple-green with violet tints, the spines are glassy-white. Flowers, salmon pink up to 3 cm in diameter.
  • Rebutia haefneriana (Cullmann) Šída: has tiny dark greyish-greem to olive-green stems. Flowers are dusky pink to dark orange or red.
  • Rebutia huasiensis Rausch: Peculiar of this plant is the colouration of the external rows of petals that are often white. Distribution: Inca Huasi and adjacent areas (North of Pucara to Huankanki), Chuquisaca, Bolivia
  • Rebutia knizei (Rausch) Mosti: has yellow or orange-yellow flowers with green stigma. The stems is dark-green and take a violet tinge on in the sun. Distribution: Uyuni to Tupiza, Potosi, Bolivia.
  • Rebutia minor (Rausch) Mosti: has the smallest known stems of the group, less than 2 cm tall very dark coloured, with dark areoles, and yellow to orange yellow flowers. Distribution: Bolivia, Chuquisaca, Sud Cinti at Yuquina near Culpina,
  • Rebutia pygmaea WR 828 (Collector Walter Rausch) Yuquina (small form).Rebutia pygmaea (R.E.Fr.) Britton & Rose: Small clumping plants up to 4 cm tall.Body grey-green to dark purple-green, spines short glass-white. Flowers usually salmon pink, it is indeed an extremely variable species that has received numerous unnecessary names.
  • Rebutia pygmaea var. colorea (F.Ritter) Lodé: Has tiny dark olive-green to brownish-violet stems from a tap root that may exceed the size of the plant above soil level. Flowers are bright, electric carmine to purple.
  • Rebutia pygmaea var. pygmaea (F.Ritter): Areoles elliptic; spines spreading, swollen at base. Distribution: Bolivia and northwestern Argentina.
  • Rebutia rutiliflora F.Ritter: It has bright orange flowers.
  • Rebutia tafnaensis (Rausch) Šída: It has bright orange-red flowers. Distribution: La Quiaca, Jujuy, Argentina.
  • Rebutia torquata F.Ritter & Buining: has bicoloured flowers, red with a pale yellow throats and snaky ribs with areoles touching each other. Distribution: Tupiza to Impora, Mal Paso, Potosí department, Bolivia.
  • Rebutia tropaeolipicta F.Ritter: has bright orange-red flowers.

29682 cpif Peiffer Clement
Rebutia diersiana var. minor WR 630 Sud Cinti, Chuquisaca, Bolivia, 3600m. (Rebutia minor) Photo by: Peiffer Clement
30754 cpif Peiffer Clement
Aylostera minor (Rebutia minor) Photo by: Peiffer Clement

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