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Tephrocactus halophilus (Speg.) Backeb.
Möller's deutsche gärtner-zeitung 1934, xlix. 105, in obs., nomen; Backeb. inBackeb. & F. M. Knuth, Kaktus-ABC, 111 (1935).

Accepted Scientific Name: Tephrocactus alexanderi (Britton & Rose) Backeb.
Cactus (Paris) no. 38: 250. 1953

Tephrocactus halophilus Photo by: Carolina González
A new shoot.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Tephrocactus alexanderi (Britton & Rose) Backeb.
Cactus (Paris) no. 38: 250. 1953
Synonymy: 18

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Tephrocactus alexanderi group

  • Tephrocactus alexanderi (Britton & Rose) Backeb.: has spherical branches forming spiny cushions. Spines 4 to 15, up to 4 cm long, white with dark tips. Flowers pinkish-white. Distribution: La Rioja and Salta, Argentina.
  • Tephrocactus alexanderi var. bruchii (Speg.) Backeb.: has roundish joints the size of a tennis ball, dark spreading-spines and beautiful white flowers, sometimes a well-defined pink-blue tint. Distribution: San Juan and La Rioja.
  • Tephrocactus halophilus (Speg.) Backeb.: Has more cylindrical joints, and white flowers. Distribution: saltpetre pans of the small valleys of the Sierra Pie de Palo, San Juan, Argentina.

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