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Matucana caespitosa n.n.
Karel Kníže seedlist (KK1317 Huari, Peru ) near S. paucicostata?

Accepted Scientific Name: Matucana paucicostata F.Ritter
Taxon 12: 124. 1963

Matucana caespitosa Photo by: Xero Sicyos


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Matucana paucicostata F.Ritter
Taxon 12: 124. 1963
Synonymy: 9

Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Matucana paucicostata group

  • Matucana caespitosa n.n.: is an undescribed name used commercially to indicate one of the local forms of Matucana paucicostata (same as the type). Distribution: Rio Huari, Peruvian region of Ancash.
  • Matucana paucicostata F.Ritter: has globular stems branching basally. Flowers purplish pink to carmine red long-necked, slightly zygomorphic. Distribution: Rio Puchca, Rio Mosna, Rio Huari, and Maranon, Peruvian region of Ancash.

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