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Echinocereus chisoensis var. fobeanus (Oehme) N.P.Taylor
Kew Mag. 2(2): 261 (1985)

Accepted Scientific Name: Echinocereus chisosensis subs. fobeanus (Oehme) N.P.Taylor
Cactaceae Syst. Init. 19: 10. 2005 [Mar 2005]


Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Echinocereus chisoensis group

  • Echinocereus chisoensis W.T.Marshall: Has stems usually not annually constricted, and flowers up to 6 cm long with the bases of
    the inner perianth parts deep red. Origin: Big Bend region of Texas.
  • Echinocereus chisosensis subs. fobeanus (Oehme) N.P.Taylor: has stems that are often constricted into annual sections, and flowers up to 9.5 cm long with the bases of the inner perianth parts pale green or light brown. Distribution: Coahuila and Durango.
  • Echinocereus metornii G.Frank

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