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Mammillaria cv. Chiara Blando I.Blando
Cactus & Co. Vol. IX, 2, 115, 2005

Mammillaria cv. Chiara Blando Photo by: Valentino Vallicelli


Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Mammillaria cultivars group

  • Mammillaria cv. Blando I.Blando: Has very odd pectinated spines, that varies in number and density depending on clones.
  • Mammillaria cv. Caterpincy: has very reduced bristly or absent spines. It offsets from the base to form a small cluster or mound. It is very similar to: Mammillaria crinita subs. painteri f. monstruosa (if not the same)
  • Mammillaria cv. Cettina: It shows an abnormal uncoordinated form of vegetative growth, with a multitude of condensed lateral proliferation and plant looks more like a strange furry animal than a cactus.
  • Mammillaria cv. Chiara Blando I.Blando: has extremely elongated areoles, 7-20 mm long and 3-5 mm broad, which are conspicuous, in relief, densely covered with dull white felt and few tiny white bristles.
  • Mammillaria hybrid cv. Dolichothele x Un Pico: a supposed hybrid between a Dolichothele longimamma and Mammillaria spinosissima cv. Un Pico. It has orange and yellow central spines that are a thin, little flat, flexible but not hooked.
  • Mammillaria hybrid cv. Toumeya x knippelianus: it is an improbable hybrid between a Toumeya papyracantha and Echinocereus knippelianus or more likely a monstrous form of Mammillaria. Central spines orange, flexible, flat with a bent tip.Radial spines glassy white, bristly.

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