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Gymnocalycium friedrichii var. moserianum Pazout ex Moser
Succulenta (Netherlands) 45:97, 1966. Norn, inval. (Art. 37.1, 43.1 Cultivated form).

Accepted Scientific Name: Gymnocalycium stenopleurum F.Ritter
Kakteen Südamerika 1: 265 (266), figs. 1979

Gymnocalycium friedrichii var. moserianum Photo by: Alexander Arzberger


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Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Gymnocalycium mihanovichii/stenopleurum group

The name Gymnocalycium mihanovichii v. friedrichii was introduced by Werdermann in 1936. Pazout suggested the name G. friedrichii nom. inval. in 1964 but it has not been officially approved. In 1979 Ritter made a description of Gymnocalycium stenopleurum that sometimes can be found under the incorrect name G. mihanovichii v. stenopleurum n. n. (don't confuse it with v. stenogonum). Thus we have 3 taxa: "mihanovichii", "friedrichii" and "stenopleurum". Not taking into account their taxonomic definition they are basic points of the complex with many transitional forms between. These three taxa spread from south to north (North-Western Paraguay): The typical "mihanovichii" inhabits the very south of the area – south and south-east of province Boqueron; "stenopleurum" inhabits a limited area on the very north – in Cerro Leon region and has characteristic recognizable habitus; for "friedrichii" all the area between two mentioned points is indicated.

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