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Palinetes coranica (Ker Gawl.) Salisb.
Gen. Pl. [Salisbury] 116 (1866), nom. inval.

Accepted Scientific Name: Ammocharis coranica (Ker Gawl.) Herb.
Appendix [Herbert]. 17 (1821) Herb.

Palinetes coranica (Ammocharis coranica) Photo by: Frikkie Hall


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Ammocharis coranica (Ker Gawl.) Herb.
Appendix [Herbert]. 17 (1821)
Synonymy: 10

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Ammocharis, Tumbleweed, Bible flower, Tumble weed, Sore-eye flower, Sand Crinum, Berg Lily, Ground Lily
AFRIKAANS (Afrikaans): Gifbol, Seeroogblom, Berglelie
SOTHO (SOUTHERN) (seSotho): Boka
ZULU (isiZulu): Icukudo, Isidiya, Incukudwane, Umbhodiya

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