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Nidularium humile (Jacq.) Regel
Gartenflora 17: 69 1868.

Accepted Scientific Name: Bromelia humilis Jacq.
Enum. Stirp. Vindob. 306 1762. Jacq.

Nidularium humile (Bromelia humilis) Photo by: Josef Cycad Perner
Blooming habit at Cycad International, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia. I have a couple of specimens in pots now, still hard to contain, the in ground planting was removed as too agressive and spreading.


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Accepted name in llifle Database:
Bromelia humilis Jacq.
Enum. Stirp. Vindob. 306 1762.
Synonymy: 6

Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Dwarf bromelia, Bromelia, Ground Bromelia
ARABIC ( لعربية ): بروميليا قصيرة
DUTCH (Nederlands): Bromelia
PAPIAMENTO (Papiamentu): Teku

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